Video Verification

CMS has currently a number of options to fulfil this requirement.

There is an issue with CMS Operators being able to identify what is seen on site via a video transmission and grading the response accordingly, especially without very specific instructions from the Client.

Video verification is just one method of confirming that genuine alarm activation is occurring. It is also a delaying activity to have to wait for video to be received for verification. Alarms are received within 20 seconds for older transmission systems and almost immediately for the new IP Transmission services. Video has a much slower transmission time and is not the primary source of the alarm but just additional information.

CMS promotes Alarm Verification by the use of multiple alarm detecting devices in the same area or more detecting devices at the risk. CMS Operators then provide expanded information by informing the Client of alarm activation that there has been activation in the foyer by detector #1 and by detector #2 and the front door. The Client knows very specifically that this is not a false alarm. Response is then given the correct priority on a prearranged basis.

CMS offers the Telstra secure product which can transmit the video signal on alarm or for storage offsite similar to a DVR. This is a serious solution and is the ultimate product.

With technology in mobile phones and local DVR solutions another option is to have CMS advise alarm activations and video can be viewed by the Client on the personal phone or remote into the DVR to access video.

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