Telstra Secure

This product is provided by Telstra direct to CMS as a replacement for the Telstra Securitel service which was retired 31st December 2009.

CMS uses the Wireless version only of this product utilising the Telstra Next G Network. Telstra boasts their use of the Telstra Next G network places them with a huge advantage over competitors using GPRS Networks on the 2G platform.

CMS has products on all Networks and is happy to offer the Telstra Secure Product as a Wireless single path Transmission service for Class 2 & Class 3 connections.

Telstra offer Class 4 services but only with Telstra managed IP Ethernet services exclusively for the Telstra Secure product. This is truly the product for serious security conscious clients.

CMS has a dedicated connection to the Telstra Secure Network and connects Clients via access to the Telstra portal. CMS connects new Clients to the Telstra Secure network and to the Telstra Billing and Accounting system with no third party involvement.

Services Offered:

  • Class 2 - GPRS C2 - 60 Minute Polling Supervision
  • Class 3 - NextG C3 - 120 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 4 - Telstra Managed IP/NextG C4R4 – 60 Second Polling Supervision
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