IP Multipath

The Fratech Multipath product from Inner Range allows a most comprehensive solution for all Client Premises alternatives and interfacing with the Concept range of security alarm panels.

This was the first product installed by CMS as it provided all the options and gave CMS full data logging of all signals in our network servers in our monitoring centre.

When utilising the Alarm Panels and Products from inner Range a complete security solution is available from the detector to the Monitoring Centre.

Fratech recognise that alarm systems are installed in many and varied locations with different requirements to telecommunications and access to the outside world. They have therefore produced a number of products using different technologies and different networks to best suit all situations.

Fratech provides Class 2 to Class 5 Transmission services to AS/NZS 2201.5:2008

Fratech Multipath is designed in Australia by the Inner Range Company and will interface with all widely used alarm panels supplied in Australia by all manufacturers.

Fratech utilises all wireless networks for GPRS services including Optus, Telstra and Telstra Next G and Vodafone networks. These are used for Primary services and as the backup or secondary path for Class 3 services and to achieve the Class 4 and Class 5 services using Ethernet as the primary path.

Services Offered:

  • Class 2 - 60 Minute Polling Supervision
  • Class 3 - 120 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 4 - 60 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 5 - 20 Seconding Polling Supervision
  • Plans
  • GPRS
  • Ethernet/GPRS
  • Ethernet/Dual GPRS
  • Ethernet
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