Emizon 21 Network

Emizon is a product developed in the UK as a replacement for the British Telecom Securitel Product known as the BT Base 10.

It is now operating in the UK, USA and Australia and has a Network architecture similar to the Securitel product but using the latest IP Networks to transmit signals to monitoring centres.

CMS was the first in Monitoring Centre in Australia to make this product available and we now monitor over this network more clients than we had on Securitel.

The reason is simple, it is a product for the future, it can interface will all security alarm systems and it uses multiple technologies and different Telecommunications Companies to provide multiple paths of communications and at a very competitive fixed price.

Emizon provides Class 2 to Class 5 Transmission services and has been tested to AS/NZS2201.5:2008.

Emizon is supported in Australia by the supplier of the TCD interface from MCM Electronics.

Emizon utilises both the Optus and Telstra Next G GPRS networks which are used as the backup or secondary path and can achieve the Class 4 and Class 5 services using Ethernet as the primary path.

Services Offered:

  • Class 2 – Ethernet/GPRS C2R2 – 24 Hour Polling supervision
  • Class 2 – GPRS C2 – 24 Hour Polling
  • Class 2+ - Ethernet/GPRS C2R2 – 1 Hour Polling Supervision
  • Class 2+ - GPRS C2 – 1 Hour Polling Supervision
  • Class 3 - Ethernet/GPRS C3R3 – 120 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 3 - GPRS C3 – 120 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 4 - Ethernet/GPRS C4R3 – 60 Second Polling Supervision
  • Class 5 - Ethernet/GPRS C5R3 – 20 Second Polling Supervision
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