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An NBN Update April 2014

The NBN is currently being rolled out around Australia.

It is being installed by the contractors working for the NBN Company.

When an area is completed the NBN Coy will advise all approved Retail Service Providers. (RSP’s.) These RSP’s are the interface between NBN and the Customer. They will offer customers different packages dependent on data usage and speed and types of services.

There will be a significant number of RSP’s and not all with offer the total range of products and services available from the NBN.

Currently the pstn telephone service is an analogue voice service connected over the copper network or over fibre with conversion to a digital service.

The NBN is being designed to have digital and analogue ports but many RSP’s will only offer the digital services which will provide voice communication using VOIP (Voice over IP) technology.

This technology does not normally support fax transmissions or alarm systems using the telephone dialling DTMF format.

Typical services that currently use the copper network include Medical Alarms, Personal Alarms, Security Alarms, Fire Alarms, EFPTOS Terminals and Lift/Elevator Phones.

Some of us have already “upgraded” our communication services to digital and will not be affected by the NBN. A part of this meant a change to the communication of the alarm system.

The Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has recently announced that the full plan for the NBN rollout will be available December 2014.

There will be a mixture of services on a cost effective, best fit design. Currently NBN is rolling out Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). This will be one of the options in the new plan with other types being Fibre to the Node (FTTN) being the current termination pit in the Street, and also Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) for apartment blocks.

When the NBN comes to your area, the existing copper infrastructure will not be disconnected for eighteen months. So this means Digital diallers and ADSL internet services using the copper will continue working. The problem will be the maintenance of the services to an acceptable level and the inevitability of the change. We are already seeing evidence of the problems which often is seen by increased call costs.

It is important that you start planning now for your future requirements. The following will need to be considered for a seamless connection.

  1. You will need to advise the RSP you have an alarm system installed.
  2. Ask the RSP if they will be providing a UNI-V voice port.
  3. Order a backup battery
  4. Confirm where the NBN terminating unit (NTD) will be installed.
  5. Consider the connection from the NTD to your alarm panel and any cost.

You should also be aware that:

  • Not all RSP’s will offer a UNI-V voice port which allows your alarm to continue without alteration
  • Not all RSP’s will offer an on-site installation service
  • Some RSP’s will just send out the router to be plugged in by the customer to the NTD

In summary, if you only require a voice telephone service and an alarm connection then you need the UNI-V port only. The NBN Co has also provided a test facility for panel manufacturers to submit their equipment to ensure that it will function correctly on the NBN Network. CMS has access to the list of this equipment.

If you currently have an ADSL Service then you will need to choose a Digital Plan which suits your needs with a Data allowance per month and a speed to suit. Telstra currently offers these Bundles from $80.00 per month to $145.00 per month. There will be a multitude of offerings from the various RSP’s.

If you choose a digital plan only, with no UNI-V port, then you will need an interface to be added to your alarm system to allow the signals to be converted and sent over the NBN and then recreated at CMS to read the various alarm signals.

This option is already available at CMS without the NBN as people choose VOIP services or install a Digital Telephone system.

Should you be unsure of your options or are thinking of changing your Telco or communication services please call us so we can ensure continuity of your security services.

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