CMS offers the Fratech Product as a Class 2 Dialler replacement at a fixed cost and with the choice of Technologies.

The security alarm system is connected to the Multipath unit which in turn is connected to an Ethernet Service with a GPRS backup, or as a straight single path GPRS only service.

The availability of the service is measured by the number of paths communicating between the CMS Monitoring Centre and the Multipath unit and the reliability of those paths. The polling rate measures how often the connection is checked or verified.

Class 2

  • This Fratech service is Polled every 5 minutes.
  • Supervision of the service is provided every 60 minutes.
  • This service exceeds the Class 2 requirements and is far superior to any dialler service it may be replacing.
  • This service is supplied at a fixed known cost and can be configured to suit the client.

Optional configurations:

  1. Single GPRS wireless connection
  2. Ethernet with single GPRS backup.
  3. Dual GPRS wireless connection for improved redundancy.
  4. Ethernet with dual GPRS backup.

This service is the way forward especially for Clients who are cancelling pstn telephone services and installing alternative communications.

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