History of Security

Direct Line Monitoring to Securitel to Dialler

Securitel was introduced into the Security Industry by Telstra to provide a high security transmission system as an alternative to the expensive direct point to point copper "Direct Line". A change in the tariff pricing for Direct Lines was announced and Securitel was offered by the national carrier "Telecom" as a high security alternative. The copper used by Direct Line was left in the ground and utilised by other higher paying services and is even to this day a great asset and a political toll in the ownership of Telecommunications Companies.

As with all major changes this prompted a change in selling tactics, buyer attitudes and Security Industry approach and the digital dialler became a product which was available to all security alarm Companies whereas Direct Line was under the control of the major players. The Security Industry showed its first lack of structure by choosing the Dialler at the expense of the Risk Asset Management and the Insurance Industry blindly followed. Dialler formats were in those days extremely slow and lacked features but were a fraction of the Direct Line cost and had no start cost imposed by Securitel. They were also available wherever a phone line existed.

Securitel required infrastructure in every telephone exchange and as Telstra was still the dominant player in Australian Telecommunications it did not need to seek expansion into smaller or niche markets and therefore growth was only expanded to around 60% of the capital cities with some regional coverage. The Security market moved on to other products, mainly dialler, which also improved remarkably in formats and speed and the very high availability of the pstn network.

Securitel was however the choice of concerned buyers and those who understood the Product versus Risk analysis. To this day it is little known by the Security Industry players that if a Client has asset value or stock in excess of $200,000 then Securitel was the product to be used.

However, having completed 30 years of service Securitel was formally retired and withdrawn from service 31st December 2009. For nce it was a Telstra product support issue rather than a lack of performance. It would also seem that because of the poor growth of Securitel effort in providing a replacement was slow and under resourced. (See Telstra Secure)

Securitel has left a legacy that demands inclusion for reference. It was the pseudo Standard for high security transmissions. It had an excellent availability, was polled regularly to provide an alarm within 90 seconds of the telephone line being cut and was provided at a fair price.

There are now many products claiming to equal the Class 3 level of service provided by Securitel and Central Monitoring Services has a number of these available to suit the needs of the modern alarm system. The new Australian Standard for Transmission Systems is AS/NZS2201:5 2008

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