About Us

The Beginning

Central Monitoring Services Pty Ltd was founded by Neville Kiely in 1989 with operations at Gladesville, NSW.

Neville's plan back then was as simple as it is today. Central Monitoring would specialise in alarm monitoring at a direct level for all operators specialising in installing and servicing of alarm systems.

We have not changed this policy and are proud to totally dedicate all necessary resources to ensure that the quality of our service is of the highest standard.

After all, your property and possessions or even your life may be at risk.

Where we are now

Central Monitoring remains a family owned business and today has become one of the larger independent Monitoring Centers in Australia. Whilst size is of importance in providing resources to ensure uninterrupted, smooth alarm monitoring, the highest level of quality customer service is what sets us apart from others.

Our staff receive ongoing training and our management has over 35 years experience in the fire & security industries.

We are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) and are involved in the structure and development of the Security Industry. We are represented at all industry and legislative forums to ensure that you are updated on matters affecting the security of your premises.

Of the many alarm systems we monitor, approx. 40% are domestic, 40% are commercial and the remaining 20% are high risk security systems. This combination ensure that our operators are well trained in receiving all types of alarm events.

What can you expect from us

At Central Monitoring, you are not a number (sometimes lost in the system), and you are not asked to hold for minutes until the right person is found to answer your queries or concerns.

We do not believe in queuing services or answering machines, we aim to answer your call promptly and efficiently, day or night.

Our superior service is backed up by the best available computerised receiving equipment as set out in Australian Standard AS2201.

We also provide complete technical support to our installation and service companies including programming advice on all popular alarm systems and advice on solutions for technical problems.

Back-to-base Alarm Monitoring starts from as low as $1 per day (+GST).

For a detailed quote contact Central Monitoring Services and we will contact an alarm installation or Service Company near you.

Our service includes daily incident reporting to your service company to ensure they are up-to-date on all alarm monitoring issues relating to your premises.

Customised reports are available on request and available through your service company.

Detailed information on monitoring can be obtained from our 'Alarm Monitoring Information' booklet available from Central Monitoring Services or your service company. Contact Us today to request a copy.

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